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Buyer Beware- a $7 lesson learned

Sometimes, it takes one mistake to keep you on your toes, and my mistake cost me $7 dollars, not too bad considering I'll be more careful in future.

I recently joined a group called "Free and For Sale" at my school. Having always ignored the posts for goods, I decided to take a leap yesterday and purchase something. On the page, I found a blue button up shirt that I liked and it was advertised as L. I like to wear an oversized button up shirt above a tank top, so I decided to purchase the item.

I messaged the girl selling and we arranged for me to pick up the shirt today at 2:45. She took a long time to arrive but eventually I paid her $7 dollars for the shirt, which was folded, stuffed it into my backpack and went back home.

Imagine my surprise when I got home and saw the shirt for the first time! It was L yes, but not a normal adult large, it was a kid sized large shirt. And worst of all, it didn't fit me! Since I'd only purchased the item 30 minutes ago, I mes…