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Write to Yourself

This year has been really rewarding for me, but also tremendously tough. I have definitely gone through my share of struggles and difficulties, but one thing that has helped keep me positive and sane (apart from exercise and good friends) is writing.

Rarely, a particular problem will concern me so much that I cannot think properly or get over it, and the issue consumes my mind. When this occurs and I have no one to talk to at the time, I feel as if I may implode. At times like these, I write down my thoughts in the computer and talk my way through what is happening, in the same way I would had I been speaking to a therapist or friend. It is amazing effective writing has been to solving personal problems.

Additionally, one thing I've done this year is write letters to myself. On Valentine's day I wrote myself an encouraging love letter of sorts (despite having a significant other), and a birthday letter when I turned another year older in March. Looking back and re reading what…

A Tissue Box Catapult - Revelations after reading David and Goliath

Recently, I was introduced to the book David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. The story really opened my eyes, and despite only reading a few chapter in, the contents have greatly changed my perspectives.  Essentially, Gladwell's novel is one in which he discusses why society always perceives the so called "underdogs" to be at a disadvantage and are surprised when they come out on top. The world believes David's win to be a miracle when it fact it should not have been a surprise (I won't spoil the book for those who have not read it yet).

One central idea to the David and Goliath is that we often think in a very fixed way, and believe in one set way of doing things, or one set of rules when it is easy to find a solution that could be out of the box. Reading the novel made me think of one of the most profound things that occurred to me as a young student in history class. Now, I realize the lessons I learned from the incident can be applied to life and society at …