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Employed at Long Last

Yesterday was one of the most exciting days and suspenseful in my life! I am finally, thankfully, joyously employed!!! So the ranks came out on Friday, and I did not get any job offers. I did get a rank for Ernst and Young which was my first choice. This means that I wasn't their first choice, but I may be their second or third choice. However, I knew the girl who got the offer, she had 5 offers in total and told me that she wouldn't be accepting the job. So, crossing my fingers, I ranked the job I wanted as number one and hoped for the best.

The final match came out yesterday at 4 pm. I had been excited and worried all day. Time passed, 4:10, then 4:20 rolled around, and nothing. I checked on Jobmine, it said the position had already been filled. Dreading the worst, I contacted a friend who had gotten an offer. She told me that she got her confirmation e-mail for her job at 3:50. I knew it. I didn't get an offer. The disappointment washed over me like a tidal wave. My fri…

Go out there and do what you do best :)

Remember how I was sad in my last post because I didn't get an interview at the place I worked really hard for? Well it turns out they had a different position and gave me an interview! That's the good news. 
After the past weekend of intense studying, I started to get really nervous for interviews this week. At Waterloo, when signing up for an interview slot, you can see the who the other interviewees are. I know many of my fellow peers who are also being interviewed for my position, and I started getting really nervous as self doubt began to plague me. The other interviewees are all so talented, bright and friendly, what if I'm not good enough?
I was talking to a good friend of mine today who has the same pre-interview event and really wants to go to the same company but in a different position. She genuinely loved the firm and really wants the job, and I think the job would be perfect for her. But her competition is really tough. When I questioned her on how she felt at…


As I've mentioned in previous posts, Co-op season is here for me, and I knew that I'd get rejections. After all, finding a job is hard. But so far, I've been pretty lucky in my endeavours. Most of my rejections I've taken well, it didn't bother me that I got rejected from 8 places before finally getting my first interview. However, today, I got rejected to the one job that I really wanted, the one job I put so much effort into. Despite knowing that things may not always work out, this particular rejection still hurts. 
Disappointment is something we all have to deal with in our lives. As they say, "Life's not fair", "you win some and you lose some". Even knowing that, I guess some disappointments hit harder than others.    But I have to admit that in the co-op hunt, everyone is working hard, everyone is putting their best effort in. Just because I tried really hard, it doesn't mean that I'm guaranteed an interview. Also, I should be …

Always be Prepared :)

As the school year is progressing, things are really starting to pile up. I'm balancing my enormous amount of school work with friends, a relationship, clubs I'm involved in and co-op. Despite the seemingly overwhelming commitments right now, I am having the time of my life!

As I was going in to a restaurant to eat yesterday, I ran into one of my good friends and his mom. He was telling her how I was doing so well in school, and he told me how I seemed to do so well with such little effort. When I heard him, I laughed. There aren't many things I can say with high certainty, but one thing life has taught me is that the amount of work put into something is usually proportional to the result of that effort. From first hand experience in first year, I know that when I studied hard for something, I almost always did better than when I slacked off.

This applies to real life too! Everyone in university is intelligent, but some people do better because they work harder! It may see…