Always be Prepared :)

As the school year is progressing, things are really starting to pile up. I'm balancing my enormous amount of school work with friends, a relationship, clubs I'm involved in and co-op. Despite the seemingly overwhelming commitments right now, I am having the time of my life!

As I was going in to a restaurant to eat yesterday, I ran into one of my good friends and his mom. He was telling her how I was doing so well in school, and he told me how I seemed to do so well with such little effort. When I heard him, I laughed. There aren't many things I can say with high certainty, but one thing life has taught me is that the amount of work put into something is usually proportional to the result of that effort. From first hand experience in first year, I know that when I studied hard for something, I almost always did better than when I slacked off.

This applies to real life too! Everyone in university is intelligent, but some people do better because they work harder! It may seem like someone is acing all their courses with no effort, but you can't see when others are studying hard, only their end result is seen. Since I have many very intelligent friends, I know that they all work hard. Few of us are graced with super brains, and can succeed with no effort.

So my lesson of the month is to always be prepared, whether it's for a midterm or an interview. Show the other party and yourself that you care and want to succeed! Success comes with effort, and when you're willing to put effort in, the results are generally good. For me, when I get stressed or overwhelmed, I act in a very organized fashion. When I feel the pressure, I start writing up a list of things to be done and start prioritizing my time and get things done.

I mean, on the other hand, doing nothing is boring. Personally, I like being involved in a lot of things at once. Having work and things to accomplish makes life exciting! Through dealing with stress and pressure, I think we learn to grow and excel as a person. Hopefully, I continue to balance my life, and stay prepared for things to come! :)


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