Employed at Long Last

Yesterday was one of the most exciting days and suspenseful in my life! I am finally, thankfully, joyously employed!!! So the ranks came out on Friday, and I did not get any job offers. I did get a rank for Ernst and Young which was my first choice. This means that I wasn't their first choice, but I may be their second or third choice. However, I knew the girl who got the offer, she had 5 offers in total and told me that she wouldn't be accepting the job. So, crossing my fingers, I ranked the job I wanted as number one and hoped for the best.

The final match came out yesterday at 4 pm. I had been excited and worried all day. Time passed, 4:10, then 4:20 rolled around, and nothing. I checked on Jobmine, it said the position had already been filled. Dreading the worst, I contacted a friend who had gotten an offer. She told me that she got her confirmation e-mail for her job at 3:50. I knew it. I didn't get an offer. The disappointment washed over me like a tidal wave. My friend tried to comfort me over Facebook, telling me there was a reason I didn't get the job, and that it would all turn out for the best. She told me I could probably get a better job and that there were still tons of great opportunities out there.

Beside me, my boyfriend hugged me and told me that I would be employed for sure, and to cheer up. I really wanted the job and it was out of my reach. Just as the two of them were comforting me, and I was trying to talk myself out of my disappointment, an e-mail came in. I couldn't believe my eyes as I stared at the screen, the word "Congratulations" came into my field of vision.

I HAD BEEN MATCHED! and it was glorious! I quickly checked Jobmine, and the job was the Ernst and  Young position I wanted! It's impossible to describe my happiness and relief when I stared at that offer. I felt like fate had been so kind, and I couldn't believe my good luck! But most of all, I was so glad for the people who had supported me through everything and I was so happy to share my joy with them. Now I'm set! I have my first official job, and I'm on my way to growing up and supporting myself :D Thank you guys for following me through everything and all my little life adventures! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!! Hopefully more great adventures are to come at work! :)


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