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Heading off to where those Glaciers Are...


Tomorrow, my family is heading off to catch our plane for Vancouver :) Then after five days in the beautiful city, we'll be boarding our cruise ship to ALASKA. Yes, I'm not kidding... For the past 3 days, I've been researching, google mapping, and imputing GPS addresses like crazy! Now that I know so much about my trip, I'm super pumped! Hope exciting adventures await me :D

How to Rock the Job

Today was my last day working at Storybook Gardens, in a few days I'll be heading to Alaska to watch ice and stuff. After working in the amusement park for so long, I've become very fond of my job and all the people I work with. I think after being so dedicated to my work these past weeks, I've really come to realize what makes a good employee, and what makes someone good at their job (well for me personally anyways).

First, working in a customer oriented industry, I think that truly seeing the customers as individuals is so important. Getting a little personal with them, and trying to consider things from their perspective are imperative. It's great to hear back from parents who love the work I do, and it makes me realize how much of an impact I make on my kids :D

Also, it's really not about the money when it comes to a job. It's about the experience and enjoying the work despite it's pros and cons. I could be making more at another job, but I know the tim…

Freaking out never helps... but it sure does make me feel better =.=

So I had a very large shock today when I came home. It started on last Friday, when my driving school called to tell me that my instructor would not be available to go with me on my G2 road test this Friday. A message that my sister received but didn't bother to tell me.

That message would have been useful to me yesterday as well, when the new instructor called my house and asked to arrange lesson and test times. BUT since I didn't know my instructor had changed, I  thought her call was a mistake told her I didn't need her to book me in.

Now, today. I came home to the driving school's secretary asking if I had booked my lessons with my new instructor, since my old one wouldn't be available. And that my friends, is when the panic started. I quickly tried to call the instructor that had called yesterday, but after 2 hours of waiting, she informed me that she was booked full now, since I said I didn't need her help yesterday. Also, to my dismay, I found out from t…

It's never too late to fix things...

Today, I was feeling crafty. So with a bunch of old t-shirts, I made three circle scarves, various headbands, and a 30 foot rope that would be an excellent escape from a tall building. While rummaging through my closet, I came across a pair of saucony running shoes. They were a light mint green colour with silver stripes. I must have bought them at least 3 years ago. But due to a small tear in the netting on the left corner of the left shoe, I haven't worn them since.

So, I decided to get even more crafty and fabulous by fixing my shoes! I don't know why I never thought of it before... I guess I never had much time or thought I couldn't fix them and would just throw them out. So, here I am, 3 years later, taking my sewing kit out and fixing up my shoes... and ta da! It worked!

I guess that fixing my shoes after all these years made me a bit sentimental. It made me think, why not other things as well? Things that we should have fixed years before but left broken and untende…

DIY T-Shirt Awesomeness

Being the procrastinator that I am, I opted to watch youtube videos instead of studying for accounting and LSAT's yesterday. (Refer to previous blog). So I decided to make some DIY t-shirts with my Waterloo Residence long sleeved tee. It turned out pretty nicely and was quite simple to make :D

I shared my brilliant success with my little sister, who also proceeded to make one in black. They're really quite simple. Just cut the neckline off, fold the back in half, and cut vertical 3/4 inch slits in an inverse triangle. Next, pull on the strings of fabric until they curl, and simply weave them.

Personally, I find crafts fun and relaxing. Plus, they're a good way to encourage creative thinking. With all my T-shirts, I proceeded to make a circle scarf with my purple tee today, more procrastination of course haha.

Feeling adultish and sophisticated after my first vote :D

My parents reminded me after dinner today that it's the election day for the Ontario voting. So we got our nice "passes" as I like to call them, and headed to our election station. Of course, my dad got lazy and didn't bother to look up the address of the church we were supposed to vote at, so we drove in the wrong direction...

When we finally did turn around and parked at the correct election station, I walked out, feeling amazing and important. Obviously, I hadn't done any research at all into the parties and people =.= But hey!

When I finally did go in, and chatted with some of the election officials, I found them to be very nice! One older man was there with his son, and he told me he had been doing this for over 20 years! Finally, I stepped up to that white box (which was a lot smaller than I had imagined...), and made my "x" inside the big white circle.

Two things surprised me, one was the number of parties and some I had never heard of... The oth…