Freaking out never helps... but it sure does make me feel better =.=

So I had a very large shock today when I came home. It started on last Friday, when my driving school called to tell me that my instructor would not be available to go with me on my G2 road test this Friday. A message that my sister received but didn't bother to tell me.

That message would have been useful to me yesterday as well, when the new instructor called my house and asked to arrange lesson and test times. BUT since I didn't know my instructor had changed, I  thought her call was a mistake told her I didn't need her to book me in.

Now, today. I came home to the driving school's secretary asking if I had booked my lessons with my new instructor, since my old one wouldn't be available. And that my friends, is when the panic started. I quickly tried to call the instructor that had called yesterday, but after 2 hours of waiting, she informed me that she was booked full now, since I said I didn't need her help yesterday. Also, to my dismay, I found out from the secretary that no other instructors would be available. I couldn't really change the test date either as I would be leaving very soon and had a very small window of time to book my exams.

I tried not to panic, I told myself that freaking out would not help. But I freaked out anyways... and it made me feel better even as the logical part of my brain told me to take action. So I called the driving school, and I called the testing centre;  after many more calls, I finally(miraculously) managed to change my test date to Monday instead. The peeps above must have been on my side since there was time open in the midst of exam season. I really must thank my lucky stars above...

So the morals are: First, if you take on an important message, make sure you TELL the recipient, and explain the message. Second, freaking out doesn't help you solve problems, taking action does. However, if you're in need of a good panic, just do it, it might make you feel a little better...


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