DIY T-Shirt Awesomeness

Being the procrastinator that I am, I opted to watch youtube videos instead of studying for accounting and LSAT's yesterday. (Refer to previous blog). So I decided to make some DIY t-shirts with my Waterloo Residence long sleeved tee. It turned out pretty nicely and was quite simple to make :D

I shared my brilliant success with my little sister, who also proceeded to make one in black. They're really quite simple. Just cut the neckline off, fold the back in half, and cut vertical 3/4 inch slits in an inverse triangle. Next, pull on the strings of fabric until they curl, and simply weave them.

Personally, I find crafts fun and relaxing. Plus, they're a good way to encourage creative thinking. With all my T-shirts, I proceeded to make a circle scarf with my purple tee today, more procrastination of course haha.


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