How to Rock the Job

Today was my last day working at Storybook Gardens, in a few days I'll be heading to Alaska to watch ice and stuff. After working in the amusement park for so long, I've become very fond of my job and all the people I work with. I think after being so dedicated to my work these past weeks, I've really come to realize what makes a good employee, and what makes someone good at their job (well for me personally anyways).

First, working in a customer oriented industry, I think that truly seeing the customers as individuals is so important. Getting a little personal with them, and trying to consider things from their perspective are imperative. It's great to hear back from parents who love the work I do, and it makes me realize how much of an impact I make on my kids :D

Also, it's really not about the money when it comes to a job. It's about the experience and enjoying the work despite it's pros and cons. I could be making more at another job, but I know the time would have passed by much more slowly. When you do something you enjoy and get paid at the same time, it's a win win situation

I think that the little things matter. Like taking initiative and volunteering to do things for others and lending a helping hand. Being the one actively doing the job rather than taking a break or slacking a bit. It shows when someone is working hard and doing their best as opposed to being lazy and unprepared.

Finally, if someone gives constructive criticism or advice that is sound, listen and be humble. Especially if the other person has more experience, our natural reaction is to be a bit annoyed. But hey, we learn most through doing the job, so adjust yourself and your attitude!

I'm sure that I'll have more jobs in the future and I'm sure that I will enjoy them and do my best, but my time at Storybook gardens has been truly wonderful. Everyone who works here has been so friendly and open, and the environment is just fabulous. My coworkers are true professionals at what they do and my "customers" make me smile :)


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