Feeling adultish and sophisticated after my first vote :D

My parents reminded me after dinner today that it's the election day for the Ontario voting. So we got our nice "passes" as I like to call them, and headed to our election station. Of course, my dad got lazy and didn't bother to look up the address of the church we were supposed to vote at, so we drove in the wrong direction...

When we finally did turn around and parked at the correct election station, I walked out, feeling amazing and important. Obviously, I hadn't done any research at all into the parties and people =.= But hey!

When I finally did go in, and chatted with some of the election officials, I found them to be very nice! One older man was there with his son, and he told me he had been doing this for over 20 years! Finally, I stepped up to that white box (which was a lot smaller than I had imagined...), and made my "x" inside the big white circle.

Two things surprised me, one was the number of parties and some I had never heard of... The other was now nice the ballots were, they were quite pretty. I felt a little awkward in the room, since everyone else was so much older, and wiser... but it was a fun experience to be there with my family, making my mark on our history (literally).

So there it is, I finally voted. WHoo!!


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