Write to Yourself

This year has been really rewarding for me, but also tremendously tough. I have definitely gone through my share of struggles and difficulties, but one thing that has helped keep me positive and sane (apart from exercise and good friends) is writing.

Rarely, a particular problem will concern me so much that I cannot think properly or get over it, and the issue consumes my mind. When this occurs and I have no one to talk to at the time, I feel as if I may implode. At times like these, I write down my thoughts in the computer and talk my way through what is happening, in the same way I would had I been speaking to a therapist or friend. It is amazing effective writing has been to solving personal problems.

Additionally, one thing I've done this year is write letters to myself. On Valentine's day I wrote myself an encouraging love letter of sorts (despite having a significant other), and a birthday letter when I turned another year older in March. Looking back and re reading what I'd written to myself is always so encouraging. It makes a lot of sense as well, since who knows you better than well, you?

I think the act of writing in general, but especially writing to yourself is something everyone should do more often. It may feel strange at first, but it promotes self reflection and good thinking. There is definitely something rewarding and comforting when you read a letter from a past you!

P.S. I've been reading previous blog posts from years ago and realized how amazing it is to write articles periodically. There are so many things I would have forgotten had I not written the experiences down. Thus I will try to write more here as well as in my private journal. Hopefully, some day I can look back and remember all the amazing things I've done!


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