As I walked through the flurries,
worries whirling in my head,
like the weather all around me
thoughts in turmoil
conflicting emotions

A snowflake landed on my eyelash.
I looked up and saw all of the white crystals dancing in the wind
and remembered,
that no two snowflakes are alike
Just as no two humans will ever be truly alike

We're like the snowflakes, I thought.
Flying through life, dancing in the wind.
Sometimes we're happy, and fly up high,
sometimes we're down and drift towards the earth
sometimes we're indecisive, spinning out of control, confused, scared
sometimes we're calm, peaceful, letting the wind take us
away, away

Everything happens for a reason,
I thought, 
it's comforting to know we're all unique,
no one will ever be like me,
I'm the only one of my kind,
and that's a comforting thought.

Sometimes, I just need to think of those snowflakes
and I smile.
Those snowflakes,
they know what's really important,
to let themselves be happy
dancing weightlessly in the air
go with the flow
not let others dictate how to live
to drift and find their own adventure
and know that the possibilities are endless
for those who seek to find more



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