Procrastination Poem- (Inspired by Mulan)

Let's get down to studying, to defeat exams
Why are there 13 chapters, I don't know any of them?
It's the longest course I've ever took, and I can bet before I'm done,
I will have wasted hours having fun.

There are 2 days left now, and I'm getting scared
First I'll have to facebook, cruise the net, eat pears
Before I review I'll doodle make art, and I'll even watch a show
now there's 30 hours, let's go!

I'm never gonna be done on time
say goodbye to all those good marks
if I don't do well I'd better not tell my parents
These organism names are so long
Better start intensely cramming
Now I really wish that I had photographic memory

I really just wanna take a break
now I only have one more day
I hope that I'll be okay
But I'm sure with a will, there's a way!

Time is racing toward me till exams arrive
Once I find my confidence, I just may survive
The gym is filled with a thousand kids, and I'm only one of them
hope I don't suck, here I go, wish me luck!


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