Thoughtful Gifts

I have to say, that although I've received plenty of bad gifts, I've never received a gift that has delighted me or impressed me as much as the ones I opened this year. With the trend today of gift cards, cash, and vouchers, people don't think before getting someone a present, these gifts are "safe" but not memorable. I don't remember who got me the chapters gift card...

This year, someone gave me truly special gifts. Ones that took thought, and time, and energy, and affection to create. It makes me think that giving is not about the amount of $ on a gift card. It's about the heart that went into a gift.

I wish everyone Happy Holidays! I'll be in Miami, Mexico, Mahogany Bay and the Cayman Islands for the next little while on a well deserved break. I wish you all the best in the New Year! :)


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