Bedazzled by the Butchart Gardens

About 3 weeks ago, I travelled to Vancouver and Victoria before heading up north to Alaska. On my trip, I encountered many interesting people and visited some stunning places. One of my favourite places in BC was the Butchart Gardens in Victoria.

Now I've seen some pretty beautiful gardens in my life: Versailles, the botanical gardens in Niagara Falls, and very pretty neighbourhood ones, but man, this place was definitely the most unforgettable.

The whole estate is a feast for the senses. Annuals and perennials alike burst with colour and life, competing for attention. There are also many different styles of gardens too, including Japanese, Rose, Italian, etc.

What's also really great about the park are the Umbrellas! It was raining lightly when we arrived and we could look great and stay dry!

Looking at the beautiful plant life in the place, I'm astounded by the work that clever gardeners and landscapers have done, it's definitely not easy to keep such a large property well cared for. If I ever come back to Victoria, I will definitely be returning to the Butchart Gardens! Especially in a different season like spring!


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