Organic Chemistry...

My own experiences struggling to understand organic chemistry can be compared to the Duke of Wellington was struggling to defeat Napoleon (notice how both theses events happened in Waterloo). Since I am in the biotechnology chartered accountancy program here at Waterloo, I am required to take the dreaded CHE 266, organic chemistry.

Now, according to most news items and student feedback, organic chemistry is consistently ranked as the Top 10 Hardest Courses in University, and usually #1. That does not help my confidence level, nor does it help that on the first day my professor told us less than 20% of students pass the course with an 80% and 15% of students fail.

First class was overwhelming, I had enormous chemical names thrown in my face left and right. The professor practically danced over all of the points, saying "just review this on your own". Yeah right.

But now that second class has passed, I've studied a lot, and the prof talks more slowly, I'm not so terrified anymore. Perhaps with a lot of effort and an open mind, I can really succeed! :) We'll see what happens! (at the end of the course I could end up with a blog post insulting the course, please be forewarned...)


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