Biotechnology Chartered Accounting???

Hello friends!

Many people have been asking me to write about my university program, biotechnology chartered accountancy. Now, the normal reaction when I tell others what I'm studying is "huh?". I know it seems strange to combine science with accounting, but this field of science and business has been becoming more and more popular and sought after.

The reason I chose to go into the field of study is because I wanted to leave my options open. I really wanted to do my chartered accounting designation but was also considering medical school when going into university, so this seemed like a good option.

Currently there are only 11 students in my year and getting into the program was not easy. The requirements for my program was "individual selection from the mid nineties" in terms of average, which is the highest requirement to get into Waterloo University. I'm very passionate about both science and accounting, and I love all my courses. However, my program is very challenging. I have to have excellent time management and study skills to succeed since I have almost twice the workload of an average student. Half of my courses are accounting courses, and the other half are a combination of mostly science, economics, and business courses.

There are many perks to being in my unique program. I can basically apply for any co-op job out there since "science and business" is so broad. I also belong in both the science, science and business, and accounting faculties. So many opportunities to get involved in the school!

In this modern era, just having "business" is not enough in many cases, understanding the science behind an industry really puts one at an advantage in the work place. As technology and science advances, having more understanding of how different fields connect will really aid in the success of a firm. So in conclusion, I'm really glad to be in my program despite the demanding nature, and I'm proud to be a Biotech CA! :) (P.S. I am an executive Science and Business Ambassador member, support us!)


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