Today was an extraordinary day for me! I had the pleasure of flying to the CN tower by plane today, and it was like nothing I'd ever seen before! Sure, I've flown to other countries by plane before, but I'd never actually FLOWN one. Also, the purpose of the trip was to sight see, and I never realized that Canada was so beautiful!

Our plane was a 4 seater; I'm not exactly sure what the model and type is. But I got to wear earphones and talk over the radio. There are a lot of checks and procedures that must be followed before a flight, and the weather is really important to fly a plane. We had to stay under the clouds so we waited until the skies cleared up. But the wait was definitely worth it!

It was really fascinating to see how the pilot and dispatchers communicated with each other over the course of the flight! Since Toronto is so popular and has a busy airport, we often had to change altitude to accommodate the other aircrafts. For the most part, we stayed between 2000 and 3000 ft.

The day was really picture perfect, clear and blue. I loved flying over Lake Ontario, and seeing all the ships sailing on the crystal blue waters. The entire time, I was so close to the ground that I could see the pools in people's homes and watch people run in the soccer stadium! As we flew over clouds, I could see the shadow of our plane and the ring of rainbow colours surrounding us, just for a few precious seconds before disappearing. Near the end I flew the plane, and it was unreal! I was so nervous! But it turned out well :) I'm still safe and sound haha.

I'll be posting some pictures from my flight later, so stay tuned! I'll leave you with a favourite quote of mine: "Life's too short to experience as a spectator", go out there and try something new and exciting!


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