Blueberry Picking... and learning some life lessons.

I had a nice day at work today, but was still suffering from a cold on the way home. It was the first time in 5 weeks of camp that no kid in my group cried, yay! However, oh. my. goodness., it does NOT feel like summer right now. I mean, not only is the weather bipolar here in Canada, it's also freezing cold in the end of July!

That aside, I was tired and sick when I got back, but I still decided to go blueberry picking with relatives that had come to visit. When we reached the blueberry farm, we were told to go on one row. The girl who was in charge kept her beady eyes on us and was very strict when we wandered off to pick our berries. Also, admissions made us each pick 2lbs of berries when we went in. Since we had 7 people, that equated to 14 pounds of blueberries we had to pick in total!

So we set off to work, and we'd wander off to pick blueberries from the bushes on the other side when the girl wasn't looking. When she came back, we'd scramble back to where we were supposed to be. It was fun actually, my little cousin Alex kept taking blueberries from our bin and putting it into his own. Later, we requested to move to a different location. The girl in charge agreed.

I knew it was a bad sign. The new location she led us to were picked over already, and there were barely any berries. So I learned a lesson, a good life lesson I think. And that is to "Don't push your luck", especially with people who are annoyed at you. You'll just dig a hole for yourself that you can't get out of.

Haha, in the meantime, I can only dream about summer days like this... I hope the weather returns to being this nice again soon!


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