NEVER LEAVE THINGS TILL THE LAST MINUTE.... you will regret it big time

Course Selections... the hellish process of trying to get into all of the courses I need has been sucking the energy and happiness from me all of yesterday and today. I am not being melodramatic either, my stress level over the past 72 hours has been 300% higher than usual.

Because of a glitch in my student account, I wasn't automatically registered for all the courses I needed. So I had to enrol the 7 courses and 2 labs required myself. Trying to fit everything into such a limited time frame was horrendous...

So basically, the lesson is to not leave things till the end , THEN try to fix them. All you'll end up with is hair pulling and frantic pacing, trust me, I know...

But after hours of stalking and trying, as well as multiple e-mails and phone calls, I finally settled most of my schedule for next year. All that's left is the dreaded organic chemistry laboratory which conflicts with my macroeconomics course...

Oh well, I'll just have to keep trying and learn from my mistakes next time!


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