First Post! Summer so Far ...

It's the 9th of July, meaning that the suffocation of summer heat is at a high. As a mini camp counsellor at London's Storybook Gardens, not only did I suffer due to the temperature, I also had to chase excited 5 year olds around the park while suffering. All in all, it was another stressful yet fulfilling day at work for me :D

This camp counsellor job is what I would count as my first REAL job. I've worked and earned money in the summer before, but not with strict regularity and a responsibility to show up every day. I have to say, now I finally treasure every measly cent I am making. It's only been a week and a day for me so far, but I find that I'm learning so many things at work. Not only do I wake up 3 hours earlier than I would usually do on holiday, I'm also learning to go above and beyond at work. I realized that I'm not at the park sweating away to make money and leave; I truly want the bright kids in my camp to have a good time and thrive on the happiness and simplicity of childhood.

I feel like I really am earning every cent I'm making. Since my hours are a bit irregular, I have been biking the half hour trip to Storybook Gardens every day. Those thighs of mine better become extremely attractive once the summer is done with all the work that I've put into them... Since I'm providing my own transportation to work and saving the environment while I'm at it, I feel pretty good. Besides, my life needs some regularity in it, I tend to oversleep and lounge too much when I'm at home (not to mention becoming a zombie on Facebook).

Personally, I really don't need to work. My parents can pay for my expensive, 20 grand a year tuition without any problems. In fact, my portion of the Alaskan Cruise my family is taking in August is equivalent to my whole summer of work. But I don't think that I should lounge and waste my life away in the summer when I can contribute to my own tuition. Of course, there's that delicious feeling of satisfaction when that pay check comes in. Someday I'll have to fend for myself in that selfish, difficult, sarcastic, rude and hypocritical business world out there.

Since this is my first post, a bit about me. My name is Grace Tang, a second year Biotechnology Chartered Accounting Student at Waterloo University. I know, it sounds weird, but I'll explain that in a different post. I have a younger sister; and an extremely athletic family in general. We love to travel. My dad just ran the Boston Marathon this year, one of his "life goals". My family has climbed the grand canyon to the bottom and back in a day, a feat that took 9 hours... we've also visited Asia, many European Countries, the states, Bahamas, and are currently planning to visit Vancouver and Alaska by cruise and land in a month. :)


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