Enlightening my 3-5 year olds with Greek Mythology

Enlightening my 3-5 year olds with Greek Mythology. I am an awesome camp counsellor...

So I've worked at my Storybook Gardens for 2 weeks now. (The place has excellent perks by the way, including getting into various attractions for free. Toronto Zoo here I come!) But the main highlight of my work so far has to be teaching my 3-5 year old campers about greek mythology.

It started on Wednesday when I was taking a group of 6 mini camp kids to the washroom in the park by the wade pool where we were spending the day. They were a bit difficult to manage, with some kids miles ahead and others scared to walk by the puddles. So as you can imagine, I had to use all my creative powers to keep my "children" safe and together.

As I was waiting with the kids by the bathroom, I started telling them a story to keep them from wandering. I guess since I really like history and mythology, I started to tell them the story of Daedalus, the labyrinth, the Minotaur, and Theseus's great escape. Surprisingly, the kids loved it! So I moved onto the story of Icarus flying to the sun. My campers had tons of questions for me too, and were very inquisitive about all the details.

After heading back to camp and waiting for the parents to pick up their kids. I told them the story of Narcissus and Echo, as well as the sad tale of Orpheus with his lost love. My "children" gobbled my words up like chocolate filled pastries.

All in all, it was a small thing I did, teaching my 3-5 year olds about greek culture, mythology, moral lessons. But I discovered that it's little things like these which makes a job and my day special. Every job has it's ups and downs, perks and hardships. It's all about YOUR ATTITUDE. Can you go above and beyond a job to make it personal, to really help, guide and enlighten others? If I give it my all and have fun in the process I would spend my day at the job, if I just went through the motions I would also spend my day at my job, it's a matter of choice. I know that being a camp counsellor is a fun job, and it may be easy to enjoy it. I know that not every job can be or will be so fun, but in the future when I'm having a hard time at work, I'll think back to Storybook Gardens, and how I taught my kids something special. :D


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