Feeling Restless...

It's so sad to think about, but there's only a month of summer left! Sigh* And I'm stuck in that plateau where I want to do work, but I just can't bring myself to move. When it comes to going on the internet I can be quite speedy, but when I'm trying to study for accounting or LSAT's... my body refuses to budge. It's like I'm the little mermaid or something, each attempt to get actual work done seems to cause me pain...

I feel like I've been way too relaxed and lazy in the summer. The constant pressure of work and projects are over, and I've deflated so to speak, academically anyway. So here I am, at my computer, procrastinating work yet again. The whole situation is scaring me just a bit actually, since I'm usually so on top of things. But I think I'm the type of person who needs pressure to get things done, if there's no pressure then nothing gets done.

There's this story in Chinese culture, where a famous scholar's mother moved three times because she wanted her child to be in the best environment to study and grow. The first time, they were next to a funeral home, and the boy started copying funeral rites. The second time they moved next to a butcher's shop, and the boy started to chop meat, so the mother moved again, this time next to a school. Finally the boy started to study and became a famous scholar.

This is kind of like me! I need to be in that competitive environment, whether at school or at work, to achieve my full potential. I'm getting nothing done, and it's making me nervous because I feel like I'll fall behind next year. Most people would laugh at me and think me stupid for getting ready so early, but as I've learned, university is all about work ethic and time management. Seriously, you don't need to be the smartest student to do very well. If you can manage time wisely and get things done on time, university is easy as pie.

I wish I had more motivation! My mom keeps telling me to study and review, and I completely agree... but I can't bring myself to do it... maybe I need to give myself a treat at the end... haha this might do...


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