Test perceptions yourself!

A very interesting thing happened to me at camp that kinda blew my world today. Earlier this week on Monday, I was told that I had a child in my group that bit people until they bled. So, of course, I expected difficulties and pain this week. Imagining a rabid, crazy, violent, child in my group, I resigned myself to my fate. However, the group of kids I have this week is probably the best I've ever had so far. No one cried at all for 3 days, and that's definitely a first.

My camp group has been excellent listeners, they are enthusiastic, energetic, smart, and maybe a little mischievous. I quickly forgot all about the biting thing as I laughed and played with my kids. Several of my boys were quite cheeky and tended to wander with the excessive energy that is natural in the young. I was forever telling them to stay in line or not to go somewhere unsafe. "Boys will be boys", I often thought. One of my campers, Ethan, was super adorable. He's almost four and talked with a slight lisp. With big grey eyes, bright gold hair, and ready smile, he reminded me of a sweet little angel.

It wasn't until today at the splash pad, that my partner told me Ethan was the "biter". When I heard about it from my partner, I was so surprised I dropped the popcorn I was eating. He was the last person either one of us would have expected to be violent. I reflected on the whole situation and thought that it's important to judge things for ourselves! Other peoples' perceptions may not be correct. I expected to have a bad group of kids based on what I was told, but it turns out they're the best I ever had.

This applies to life too; don't base your decisions on other people's judgements and perceptions. And don't be so quick to judge others either. We base our perception of others on how they dress, first impressions, and other people's opinions. But it's important to form our own options from our own interactions. :)


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